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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

RCBF Goshala was started in 2011. Beginning with only 3 cows, the number today has increased to 290 cows and is expected to reach 500 in the next few years. 

One of the unique features at RCBF Goshala is that special individual zones are allocated for the bulls, cows, calves, milking cows, and aging cows. Pregnant cows are offered a special diet and care to ensure the health of the cow and calf.

Cows at our goshala are treated as our family members. All due care is given to them. The health status of each cow is monitored and noted on a daily basis.


To ensure the proper health status of the cows, a veterinary doctor visits the Goshala regularly and is locally available in case of all emergency situations.


Apart from providing clean hygiene surroundings, we ensure fresh water, ventilation, and great care is taken with regard to their everyday diet.


Meet The Team

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